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Baby Class 5 & underDaisy-May Hanvey
CHARLOTTE-LOUISE CUPStage Aggr. Under 5 yearsLois Preston tie Jodie Richardson
HARRIS CUPStage Aggr. 5 yearsRhianna Ward
CAMERON CUPStage Aggr. 6 yearsNaomi Gate tie Zoe Hartley & Grace Gaterell
MRS SMITH’S CUPClassical Aggr. 6 yearsGrace Acton
MARY FORRESTER CUPStage Aggr. 7 yearsAaliyah Morgan
BEN STEVENSON CUPClassical Aggr. 7 yearsLaura Marsh tie Alyce Wilkinson
AMELIA JARVIS CUPStage Aggr. 8 yearsTalia Duff
JESSUP CUPClassical Aggr. 8 yearsLowri Hughes
JENNY CUPStage Aggr. 9 yearsLydia Snook
PARKEWOOD CUPClassical Aggr. 9 yearsKaya Davey-Smith
DOROTHY STEVENS CUPStage Aggr. 10 yearsCharlotte Payne
CAROLYN DUBBER TROPHYClassical Aggr. 10 yearsFreya Boulton
CAROLYN DUBBER TROPHYStage Aggregate 11 yearsPhoebe Saunders
JEAN BUTLER MEMORIAL CUPClassical aggr. 11 yearsJoseph Head
LONDON CUPStage aggr. 12 yearsCorrine Barber tie Molly Jackson
BESSIE BAKER MEMORIAL CUPClassical Aggr. 12 yearsCorrine Barber tie Kathleen Brenner
RAY GRUBB MEMORIAL CUPStage Aggr. 13 yearsCaroline Herszenhorn
MAVIS BUTLER CUPClassical Aggregate 13 yearsSamuel Wright
BUTLER-HORNER CUPStage Aggregate 14 yearsZac Watts
PEARL NICOLL CUPClassical Aggr. 14 yearsImogen Paine
JOHNSON-WALKER CUPStage Aggr. 15 years & over
Ellis Bryant
WHITTENHAM CUPClassical Aggregate 15 years & over
Saffron Armstrong
COOPER SCROLLClassical DuetBrooke Manning & Sarah Cundy
BEALE MEMORIAL CUPSong & Dance DuetCaroline Herszenhorn & Samuel Wright
HORNER MEMORIAL CUPModern DuetBethany Warren & Corrine Barber
KATHLEEN HOWELL CUPTap DuetEllis Bryant & Brooke Weir
MRS SMITH’S MEMORIAL CUPClassical Trio/QuartetSophie Dipper, Stephanie Day & Kathleen Brenner
CHRISTINE DUNKINSONSong & Dance Trio/QuartetFred Clements, Georgia Rowland & Rebecca Owen
PETER FIELDER MEMORIAL CUPModern Trio/QuartetKati Quick, Jocelyn Essery & Katherine Woodford
MARGARET PARMENTER CUPTap Trio/QuartetHarriet Taylor, Emily Nash, Missy Read & Molly Jackson
DAMON WHITE MEMORIAL CUPBest Comedy NumberDouglas Clarke
JOYCE BUTLER CUPChoreographySarah Williams, Timestep School of Dance
Ellis Bryant
ALVERSTOKE CUPStage ActSwindon Academy of Dance
ROBINSON CUPClassical GroupSwindon Academy of Dance
VERA TAYLOR CUPMost Entertaining SoloNatasha Caulfield
PEARSON CUPMost Entertaining Stage DuetEllis Bryant & Zac Watts
ANTONY CUPBoys AggregateZac Watts
IRENE DUKE CUPHighest Mark (Stage Solo)Ellis Bryant
JANICE FULLMAN CUPHighest Mark (Classical Solo)Zac Watts tie Clare Jeffeeries
SUE LATHAM CUPMost Promising DancerBethany Fisher
JANET PALMER CUPMusicalityKathleen Brenner
EMILY HARVEY MEMORIALMost Promising Musical TheatreAnnabelle Ruggiero
Highest Mark - Contemporary Solo
Saffron Armstrong